Progled village

Progled holiday village is located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. 4 km away from the village is the ski resort of Pamporovo, 6 km away from Chepelare with a renovated skiing base.

Progled is situated on vast meadows on the right bank of the Chepelare River and is surrounded by a low ridge and thick spruce forests. Only 500 m away from the main road Plovdiv - Smolyan.

In the summer, sunshine is great and is pleasant for short walks around the village.

In winter, it is protected from winds and, despite the deep snow, the village is always accessible. Many herbs, strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, blueberries grow in the woods around.


The village is a little more than a century, which for Bulgaria is a relatively short period. It was created by immigrants around 1894 from the neighboring Sokolovtsi (until 1934 Dolno Derekyo), which was then in the Ottoman Empire (the border passed through the Rozhen pass). The founders are considered to be Vasil Todorov, Todor Stanchev and others. It is an interesting fact that the emigrants make a "covenant" - anyone who refuses to go to the liberated Bulgarian lands, loses his property in favor of the rest of the covenant.

Cultural and natural attractions

Incredible scenery - lush meadows and spruce forests. You can encounter deer almost in the village. From the ridge above the village overlooks Mount Snow and on the Rozhen Observatory. Near the village there is a natural habitat of endemic species Rhodope cream and come many naturalists and conservationists to study it and take pictures. Little known is that part of Pamporovo, Chepelare is falling in the land of. Progled. An old road out of the village you can continue walking through & bdquo; gang & ldquo; to get to the resort center, thus avoiding the busy asphalt road. In the land of the village is the source of the river. Chaya (which continues as Chepelarska and Asenovgrad river).

Regular events

Traditionally, every year on the first Saturday of July is sastoyava family meeting-council, which during the day is held on grass (area "Sunny Day") near the village, which is very picturesque, with that the whole is surrounded by ancient forest. Evening festivities move to the village square of the village. Very nice transition from the village over the ridge above it to Karamanitsa neighborhood. Thence along kartofohranilishteto onto the Rozhen meadows and with a little luck and a good sense of orientation is located near the road chapel you can catch the trail connecting the village of Rozhen. No noise and look - it is almost certain that you will encounter deer. To walk around the circle will take no more than an hour and a half.

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Enjoy unforgettable moments at O'sole mio Villa Progled.

The villa is an ideal starting point for walks in the Progled village. In the winter the villa is just a stone's throw away from Pamporovo and Mechi Chal.

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